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About Us


Kent Island Estates is a peaceful, easy-going, water-oriented community that was developed in the 1950s around the time the first Bay Bridge opened up access to Kent Island. There are now more than 600 homes in three sections spread across southern Kent Island between the Chesapeake Bay and the Eastern Bay, on both sides of Rt. 8 before it ends at the Romancoke Pier. 

The relaxed lifestyle of Kent Island Estates is enjoyed by residents of all ages. The South Kent Island Trail runs right through our community and is open to all for biking, walking or jogging with family, friends, and pets. The trail runs north/south all the way from Matapeake Beach to the Romancoke Pier. The pier area is open to the public and is a wonderful spot for fishing, crabbing and picnicking. There is also a small sandy beach for kayak launching.

The Kent Island Estates Community Association is organized and run by residents for the benefit of our community. We gather for community information meetings, monthly happy hours, special events, yoga classes, music classes, weekly bingo, and many other opportunities to relax, learn and spend time with neighbors. The community hall is available for rental and is a great place for birthday parties and other gatherings.

The original Romancoke Pier served the Romancoke-Claiborne ferry which ran passenger and automobile ferry service from 1938 to 1952 when the Chesapeake Bay Bridge was completed.  It was part of the Claiborne-Annapolis Ferry Company. The pier was heavily damaged in Hurricane Isabel in 2003 and was completely re-built after that storm.


The name “Romancoke” comes from the Algonquin word for “circling the water."  William Claiborne, who founded Kent Island, also had a Virginia plantation named Romancoke.

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